Announcement (pt. 2)

Hi, all.

I’m sure your weekend has gone well.

Continuing on, I’d like to take the time out to comment on my new book. It’s titled, “GenE”, and it’s the most thought-provoking book I’ve written thus far.

It’s based firmly on immersion strategies for language acquisition and lists steps on how to accomplish all of your language learning goals.

It’s also based on my previous publication, “AOA” which is in the Amazon store

Please support this effort. If you or anyone whom you know has ever learned languages or is just starting out learning languages, this book is precisely for you (or them).

I sincerely believe that my products (as well as the products of other like minded individuals) have the potential to revolutionize language learning forever. And if you help, you’ll be among the pioneers in this effort who’ll be remembered decades (an perhaps centuries) from now as the leaders of the new age.

Once again, please help. We no longer need traditional methods to attain fluency in language. The power to change the course of our education system is in your hands.

Thanks, and G-d bless.

Hasta luego


Hi, I'm Na'im. With this blog, I hope to help those who've had problems learning languages in the past to achieve their goals.

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